SFM #10: Hong Kong. Interesting Names of Real Hong Kong Persons

By Robert Wu for his family and friends

I crossed paths with the following persons in Hong Kong.  While their adopted names in English are quite creative, their Chinese names are much more conventional.

With an estimated 100 million persons in China sharing a popular family name like Li, it would be easy to run out of conventional English names for all the Li’s. As China enters the global economy, we should see more and more unconventional “English” names. Enjoy and have a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year. Bob


Goggles Pang — A general manager of an IT company. Really wants to work for eye wear company.

Lovely Chan — A self appraised guy who works for a trading company.

Vermon Sin — He is not a pest. He is a reporter.

Vivian Chan — A male editor.

Fake Che — A misguided adaptation from his Chinese name Che Fa-Ke.  Maybe it’s a joke.

Ice Chan — A cool reporter.

Reason See –An investment consultant. Reason do?

Ripple Leung — an antiques dealer who checks for flat surfaces.

Rain Law — A saleswoman for HK Telecom, rain or shine.

Bruce Lee — A Resident Controller of a hotel. Nobody says “no” to him.

Liudy Yan — Mistaken as a lewd man, but really works for a cognac distributor.

Soul Lam — Works for the same cognac distributor.  Meditates a lot.

Adonis Mak — A beautiful engineer.

Chance Zhang — A speculative trader from Australia who does not follow any rules.

Bongo — Just Bongo.

Lala Oh — She is not French.

Cambridge Wong — An excellent IT manager.

Singer Xu — A sales manager for a hotel that features a karaoke bar.

Twice Chan — A manager at the HK Bank. A manager at the HK Bank.

Create Chung — A real estate agent who can visualize visions of grandeur.

Louisiana Cookie Tang — Another real estate agent who can’t keep her clients from laughing.


In addition, the following list was sent by a friend.   

—– Original Message —–

From: James

Subject: Real Hong Kong Names

In the spirit of Bush, Figo, Hawk, and their comrades, here are some very funny names we’ve have encountered in our HongKong & Shanghaitravails, and also a list from a fun book called “Hardship Postings” with a collection of “creative names” collected over the years. I thought you all might find this entertaining.  


Formula Wong – Not a breast-fed baby.

Bison Run – Born free.

Hardaway Chan – Soft this a way.

Parrot Fang – Do birds have teeth?

Hammer Hu – Hammer him.

Happy Chan – Never a sad moment in his life.

Starfruit Liu – You should see her sister Durian Liu.

Elizabeth Li – He was a GUY, now he’s a she or something.


from the Book : “Hardship Posting” of HongKong names

ACNE Chan— – A female bank clerk with a big problem facing people.

ARSENIC Lo – An unemployed male since he poisons every situation.

BEATLES Lau – A male garment quality inspector who can handle 4 jobs at once.

BELLWIND Lau— – A male music teacher of wind instruments.

BELLY Leung— – A bartender serving customers bellying up to the bar.

BIONIC Yip— – A female knitwear merchandiser that can sell at the speed of light.

BRUNHILDE Ng – A female chiropodist, unpronounceable.

CANINE Poo – A common sight on New York streets.

CEMENT Cheung— – a male security consultant, solid as a rock.

FOREVER Yung— – A male graphic designer, forever young.

GIPSY Lee – A female at Hong Kong Arts Centre.  Let me guess, a strip tease dancer?

HANDY Kam – A helpful salesman of DIY tools.

HERNIA Kong— – The condition after the big ape lifted an obese female railway clerk.

HUCKLEBERRY Pin— – A policeman who confuses F with P.

IRON TIT Ng— – A male cook with no dancing partner.

MARMALADE Tin— – A female student that was born with a can of sweets in her mouth.

MORNING Sun – A female student who brings cheer to any room.

MOTOR Fan – An electrical engineer who really wanted to study automotive engineering.

PENGUIN Chang— – A male McDonald’s employee who specializes in fish burgers.

PERPETULAR Lee— – A bank manager who is perpetually particular about neatness. 

PIANO Chow— – A female shop assistant in a music store.

POTATO Pun— – A policeman making fun of root vegetables.

PRICK Chan— – A male driver who’s a terror on the road.

SCARLETT Pong— – a female working for Estee Lauder, specializing in heavy makeup.

SILICON Cheng— – A female at Hong Kong Telecom, a pioneer in micro-electronics.

Snake Fang – A female lawyer nobody would dare cross.

Taco Pang – A male trading company boss who’s a pain in the tummy.

PISS CHAN – A nuisance of a female boutique employee.

Author: Robert Wu

Two engineering and one business degrees, all from NYU. National president of Organization of Chinese Americans, two terms. General manager of a multinational corporation in China. Retired but still active. Married to a wonderful wife, one son & one daughter.

2 thoughts on “SFM #10: Hong Kong. Interesting Names of Real Hong Kong Persons”

  1. Just to let you know that Brunhilde Ng is a german lady that married a chinese man. Maybe you should do your research before posting this!!!!!!!!

  2. Carol,

    If you read the article more carefully, you would notice this name was sent to me by a James. I only relayed that letter. In my American and Chinese experience, I did not have the opportunity to come across this name Brunhilde. Please excuse my shortcoming.


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